Persecution (Part 3)

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I have a list of things to discuss in this blog post about the Gannon Stauch story. It is taking three parts for this series to cover all the madness and once I finish this one it still won’t cover it entirely.

As I write this on 2/22 there have been no updates or breaking news in regards to the case. Gannon is still missing, the case is still not labeled as a criminal investigation, no person of interest named, no suspects mentioned, and no arrests. Let’s get back to it!

Any time these cases unfold the trolls run a muck all over the groups, YouTube, Twitter, and even Facebook messenger. I am always skeptical of anything posted from a “source” claiming they have inside information. I am the type that says it is fake until it’s proven real. Did you know there are apps that allow you to make fake texts, Facebook posts, tweets, Facebook messages, etc. ? I have said it before and I will say it again, you can be anyone you want to be on the internet! It astounds me how gullible & naive some of the general public can be. So many fall for anything said and very few ever stop to question the legitimacy of information.

The excessive gullibility of some astounds me, even worries me about these people in everyday life! Some are the type you can sell the clothes they are wearing right back to them. Good grief! Let me give an example of a comment that was said in one of the groups that so many members believed. I will point out exactly how you can tell it’s nonsense.

I really hope most my readers and listeners can spot the part that shows this to be fake information. For those who cannot spot it right away let me break it down:

This entire second half of the comment. It is saying that everything happened right in front of a camera, and Tee sat right in front of said cameraS. It says if Tee confesses and tells how it all played out she won’t be in as much trouble. If “something” happened directly in front of a camera, why would she have to tell how it played out? If it’s on camera she would have been arrested already, and no confession would be needed. Confessing would not get her in less trouble if she was indeed caught on multiple cameras murdering her stepson.

Jump to the bottom of the comment, it says these multiple people who all have footage aren’t releasing it to the public only to law enforcement. It then ends with saying “because they don’t want to risk messing up the case”. If any of this were true this random person would not even be saying this, because it absolutely would mess with the investigation. It’s nonsense plain and simple. It is also quite obvious, this poster knows every person who got footage? Nah. Doesn’t matter though because the groups went wild over it.

In part one of this series I had shared messages that Tee’s daughter received. I know they are real, because I cropped the pictures of the people’s name out before I uploaded it. The names matched people on the members lists in many of the Gannon groups. Their history in the groups show they did send them.

Let me share something else though:

Seen in this screenshot is only two apps that can generate fake messages. There are several other very quick ways to produce the same without downloading an app.

1) Is to duplicate a profile; take someone’s profile picture, cover photo, basic information section, and produce a new profile. Sounds like a process but I can make a basic profile in mere minutes. People use the profile to have a conversation with someone else, screenshot the conversation, then the fake profile gets deleted afterwards. Boom, you have a whole fake conversation to share.

2) Trolls produce fake messages by taking any profile they have already and simply changing the name.

3) Is to put a “nickname” on any person in messenger and then change the profile picture.

4) There is also of course photoshopping and I am sure other ways I am not even aware of.

Moral of the story – stop believing everything you see! It’s the internet! Everything and anything can be replicated and produced.

Some of the reasons that people give for why they think Tee has lied boils down to fake messages they’ve seen. This also stands for comments too, and it’s done in the exact same ways I listed. This doesn’t confirm Tee lied, but does confirm people will believe anything.

Then there are those who claim to have inside information. Let me give you an example from Gannon’s case:

These comments sparked hundreds of posts to be made. Let me start by saying that on YouTube you can change your name to anything just like Facebook. This profile seen in the screenshots appeared on a YouTube live as, Brian Rasmussen. Which I googled that name, because often trolls copy names of famous people. Here’s what I found:

A college tennis coach & an actor.

Someone who argued relentlessly with me about the validity of this person said she called the Petco he claimed to work at. He supposedly works at a Petco 21 miles away, but there is a Petco right by the Stauch family home. This group member mentioned the name we see in the screenshot when she called, and of course to fit her argument she says they confirmed him to be an employee. Go figure! It is never okay to call a business to ask questions about a case you are following on social media. That’s a line no one should cross and in this circumstance I do think she called. I am betting many called, but I do not believe they confirmed his employment there. What is the purpose of calling anyway? Let the detectives do their jobs!

This “Brian” claimed he is a cashier that checked out Tee at Petco on that Monday morning hours before Gannon went missing. A Petco trip has never been confirmed by Tee or law enforcement therefore, we do not know if she even went to Petco. That does not stop the groups from making hundreds of posts about the now infamous two stops at Petco. Every post & comment is as if it is a confirmed FACT she did, because this one YouTuber’s comment said so.

I did not buy anything “Brian” threw down. What’re the odds a Petco employee would happen to be tuned into a live video on a YouTube channel about the case? On a channel that I, as a True Crime blogger, had never even heard of before? You know where trolls hang out the most? YouTube! The chances it’s his actual name? Slim. People took these comments and ran full throttle with it. We don’t even know if she went to Petco at all, let alone twice. Nothing has been confirmed and Tee only said she went shopping. “Brian” said she was looking at clearance dog coats and somehow the public turned that into she bought 3 dog coats. Someone said they “thinks” it was probably a buy two coats get one free sale. That’s not a fact, it’s her opinion based on what “Brian” said. Someone else made a post with her theory in it, she said Tee left her phone that’s why she went back a second time. The way she worded it was as if it were a fact. People started to run all over the groups telling everyone she left her phone behind. This then escalated more by making people think she did it intentionally so she could dump his body without being tracked. A few days after “Brian” appeared in the comments of this YouTube channel live discussion another “source” was leaving comments too. Odds now that two “sources” happen to tune into the same exact channel with inside information? That hasn’t been confirmed anywhere else? Highly unlikely based off my experience with these cases.

On another YouTube channel a woman called in saying she was the sister of a neighbor who lived by Gannon. She spoke about the truck footage before it got leaked. She told the audience what she was told by her sister about what the footage showed. This means the neighbor who found the footage told her sister, and then her sister told her, before she told YouTube. Guess what? What she claimed the video showed was proven false when the video leaked. Telephone game again, folks.

A few days later someone shared this photo:

If you have not had time to watch the footage mentioned earlier in this series this picture shows a red truck similar to the one in that footage. A member of a group posted it claiming that a real estate person just “happened” to capture this car on the day Gannon went missing. It was said the car was acting “suspicious” and was near the location the police had been searching through the snow. The groups went WILD! Even Gannon’s mother shared it asking where it came from! Guess what? Turned out to be totally bogus, the video was shot in the Denver area no where near their home or law enforcements search location. The car was not even the same make & model either by the way. Three different people claimed to know the the woman who took the video and proclaimed it was legit. They all lied! How terrible to get a family’s hopes up! This is what sparked the comment I shared earlier in this post about everything being caught on video. Yes, this picture spun into a whole tale. Unreal!

Even after it was proven to be fake with the actual footage, people refuse to accept it. Theories unfolded that maybe, just maybe, she did go to Denver. Boy, oh boy.

The very next day this was shared by Gannon’s mother on her Facebook:

It was on the neighborhood ring app and the owners of the home were asking if anyone knew this person. Landen said in her post she thought it looked like Tee. The crowd went wild again…

Turns out the picture was taken eleven days prior and they later found out the woman in the picture was going around selling solar panels. What had me in stitches is the theories people came up with! They were thinking Tee went around taking pictures of neighbors’ cameras, so she knew where everyone’s cameras were so she can avoid being seen. These theorist’s implied that she premeditated the murder of her stepson. I kept my mouth shut but wanted to say, “So in order to avoid being seen on camera she walked up on to the porch of neighbors’ houses and took a picture of a camera while that camera took a picture of her?” Why does no one stop to think about what they are saying? That makes no sense at all.

What’s even more hilarious to me is one minute there’s a post thinking Tee is some criminal mastermind, and then several posts saying she has called in all 700 tips to send law enforcement on a wild goose chase. I wish I were kidding. Other posts accuse Tee of running 50 different Facebook profiles hopping from profile to profile and group to group to defend herself. These same people who think this are the ones thinking she was stupid enough to walk up to a camera to be captured for eternity. Is she a mastermind? Or dumb? They need to make up their minds.

Tee went on a social media crusade almost two weeks ago defending herself. She made a long post in the Lorson Ranch community group that included pictures, a video, and she left some comments too. A lot of her post was disclosing information about Landen’s (Birth Mom) past. People felt this was in poor taste and it didn’t matter if his mom had a past. Let me say this; it does irk me when people air their dirty laundry on Facebook. I really dislike it, but I also understand, sometimes it is needed. I am not defending Tee’s actions. I want to be hypothetical here for a moment, let’s say Tee is innocent. Now let’s say the things she disclosed (and some claims were backed up with proof) about Landen is true. Now imagine the public is sending you and those close to you death threats. Everyone is accusing you of murder, digging in your past, analyzing you, etc., and you have to sit back watching the public coddle his mother, who actually does have a shady past. When you knowing so much about her and were the one raising Gannon, legally. That’s enough to make anyone react and speak up. Like wait just a minute here …

It’s easy for people not in that situation to say Tee shouldn’t care what people think or say. Whole other ballgame to be in her position! I cannot know what I would do, but I can envision myself doing the same. Although, probably more likely I would drop the proof and let it speak for itself. That’s a tough situation to be in. You know what caused this sudden post to her neighbors? Gannon’s mother’s side of the family had been talking bad about Tee all over social media groups. I didn’t know that at first and when I saw Tee’s post I actually said in a group, “Her post feels like she was provoked”. I don’t know why, but that was the impression I got. I got attacked BAD and everyone swore Tee was just a narcissistic piece of garbage. A few hours later the information about comments made disparaging Tee by family members came out, BEFORE her post. Not even joking, I was right! I am not saying it is okay for her to do it, because the others did it first however, it was her decision. Come on, we are not children. It does show a double standard and how context always matters.

Tee’s post caused the groups to defend Landen which resulted in Landen being coddled even more. It backfired for sure, because it appears Landen can do no wrong in this story. The double standards in this case are unbelievable. Let me give another small example, if I listed them all it would take an entire blog post. Landen left the STATE during the time that police were spending a great deal of effort digging, poking, and sifting through snow based off a tip they received. Very few batted an eye about it. Had Tee left the state…you know I don’t even think I could adequately describe how the groups would have reacted had the roles been reversed.

Tee cannot win! As, I’ve said, she is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t. We have not heard from Tee since 2/12, as I type we are rolling into 2/23. I mentioned in a group that we have not heard from her in almost 2 weeks and someone said her silence is worse! I am not kidding. That person said because she was speaking out right when Gannon went missing, that it was the worst time. Really? Why? There is no reason, nor reasoning. Even with SILENCE they fault her. Whether innocent or guilty, can you imagine being in that position, that no matter what you do or say it simply doesn’t matter? Another person said if she had apologized afterwards, then people would have forgiven her for “attacking” Landen and gained respect. I laughed extremely hard at this, it is clear that commenter is not in any of the groups I am in! No way, no how, would anyone have gained respect for Tee had she apologized, or would any of them have forgiven her.

Let’s continue & wrap this up. We can continue to discuss the case as more information is disclosed.

A very short video clip was released by Tee in her community group post that I have been talking about. The video Tee claims was recorded accidentally, and it is mostly just audio, of Gannon crying. It was supposedly taken after the candle incident and you hear Tee speaking with Gannon. Here’s the video:

This video enraged people to the point they started waving their torches in the air and chanting it was child abuse, manipulation, neglect, emotional abuse, and one poster even said Tee had terrorized Gannon. Others joined in saying, “Yes, spot on she is a terrorist!” Woah! Everyone will see things differently and some may not be okay with how she handled it. It may not fit another’s parenting style. It may make you uncomfortable to hear a child crying who is now missing. Screaming terrorist & abuse though? That’s a bit of a reach, let’s reel it back in here.

The audio is under three minutes long of one moment in time of Tee’s parenting. I can not scream abuse, manipulation, or anything else without much more documented evidence of her parenting. That’s being a rational person. We all have our bad moments and maybe that was one of her bad moments. Honestly, the video did not bother me. Am I saying I would have handled it the same way? No. I won’t lie, if my kid burned our carpet I would definitely not be hugging them and telling them it’s okay, as one commenter suggested. Yes, someone actually said she should have hugged him for burning the carpet. Hey, if hugs work in your house for consequences and discipline that is amazing! Oh, how I wish all it took was a hug with my kids. At the rate my busy kids are I would be hugging someone every five minutes.

Anyway, hopefully you’ve heard the video by now. Personally, the way I took the video is that she was trying to calm him down and was just spewing out words to fix the situation. People were flabbergasted she talked about selling the couch to repair the carpet and took it literal, as if she was really going to do that. How many reading this have told their kids if they don’t stop misbehaving Santa isn’t coming? How many reading have told your kids that if they do not clean up their toys you are gonna throw them away? Ever told your kids you will cancel your fun plans if they don’t stop arguing? These are a few examples and you know when you said it that you really did not mean that. Especially, not about things you spent money on like Christmas presents, throwing away toys, or cancelling already paid for plans. Do you really believe she was gonna sell their couch? I do not believe that for a second! I took it as more of a; hey Gannon, listen its okay, we will do what we have to do, just stop crying. Then she just spit out random things to sell hoping he would calm down and realize everything will be okay. They will fix it and all will be okay.

I often tell my husband I feel like a bomb diffuser or hostage negotiator with our kids. I am constantly trying to calm someone down, making deals, persuading, or convincing a child in some way. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve found myself in the middle of Walmart trying to negotiate with a three year old? The whole “please stop screaming”, and “I will give you that tongs you saw in aisle 7” hmmmm, okay? Come on, I think we have all been there trying anything just to get them to stop crying, and yes even saying the most ridiculous things. You know how it’s often said that kids say the darnedest things? In our house I say, “Add this to the list of things I never thought I would say as a parent.”

As far as Gannon’s crying, I’ve noticed that us parents often hear someone else’s kid crying and feel sympathy for the child. Our kids cry and we are less understanding. I can hear a kid crying in Target and say “Aww” but, my kid cries and I am all come on kid hush. I hope you are giggling right now, because I know others have felt this way. Point being, every kid is different and we don’t know the dynamics of their household. I have an overly emotional sensitive child, but all my kids have expressed themselves similarly to the other before. That particular child cries worse over the Internet being out and not being able to watch Netflix than Gannon is in that video. No exaggeration! It feels as though someone is always crying, screaming, whining, yelling, hooting, hollering, or fussing over something in my house. Of course they are not always upset, we have a ton of giggling throughout the day.

I hear a boy who accidentally knocked over a candle, possibly had even been told to be careful five times before he knocked it over too. Most accidents here usually occur after I have said multiple times to stop. Which of course leaves me saying, “I told you to….” Gannon sounds like he knew what he did was wrong and was concerned about getting in trouble. I felt nothing more than that. Others were really disturbed by his cries and even said it sounded as though he was having issues breathing, sounded like he was significantly hurt, and one even said it sounded like he was suffering from internal bleeding. How you can sound like you are suffering from internal bleeding is beyond me. You try to make sense of that opinion!

There is STILL so much more to discuss, but let’s stop there for now.

Let’s not forget an eleven year old boy is missing who loves all of his parents. Write as though he may read it someday. Will this case be another with a major plot twist no one saw coming? A miracle in the making? Or, will the public end up being spot on? Most important question, will the public be able to accept & apologize if they are wrong? I hope we soon find out, because Gannon’s family needs him home.

For my loyal blog followers I have full intentions of discussing Detective Baumhover’s new blog. You thought I moved on from the Watts’ case? Not a chance! Give me a few days before that rolls out and finally the Heidi Broussard blog post.

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