Persecution (Part 2)

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Right back to it! Remember this is an ongoing investigation and as of now it has not been labeled a criminal one. Gannon is still missing and as I type this that could change at any moment. If that occurs I will update the post before publishing and add asterisks so you know it’s an update.

Let’s discuss Tee’s interview for a moment. I am not gonna break down the entirety of the interview, just some key points. Tee’s interview was filmed in the family’s neighborhood called Lorson Ranch. Tee was present on camera, but her back was to the cameraman. This immediately alarmed people and they thought she was trying to hide any potential body language. Some even said Tee took notes from Chris Watts on what not to do. No one stopped to consider other possible reasons for her appearing on camera in this way. Let me list some possibilities:

1) It was filmed in what appears to have been a very wide open area with no shade in middle of the day. She did have on sunglasses but depending on the direction of the sun, it could have still been heavily in her face. Some would say, well then it would be in reporters eyes. If you watch the reporter, he does appear to put his head down when speaking and when he looks up he is squinting. Probably wasn’t the case but, a possibility. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Looking down

2) It could be that the media saw her outside and began to speak with her, hoping she would agree to go on camera. The cameraman could have set the camera down behind her as she spoke with the reporter. Once she agreed to go on record it is possible they just started rolling rather than move anything.

3) The reporter brought up death threats Tee had been receiving, which she clearly had told him prior to the on camera interview. Yes, her face is on the Internet but this may have been the reporter’s decision to have her hidden due to the threats.

4) Someone I was talking to brought up another possibility that made a lot of sense to me. She said Tee seems like the kind of person who has to be “done up” before going anywhere. It’s clear in the video she’s not at her best and maybe didn’t want to appear on camera on the spur of the moment. The reason this made so much sense to me is because my own mother will not even go in a gas station if she doesn’t have makeup on. Tee had shared she had to leave the family home, leaving behind all her possessions, which would include her clothes & makeup. Most wouldn’t care what they looked like when their child is missing but, for those who are in a habit and typically care, it’s plausible. Not everyone is the same! I will roll up at a mall in my pajamas, because I simply don’t care. That’s me.

Am I saying any of these are reasons why? No. I am saying there could be other explanations as to why it was recorded that way. No one cared to consider other possibilities though. It was cut & dry to them she’s guilty since her back was turned. You know it may very well be that we simply don’t know. I am not crazy enough to bother the poor reporter to ask him. Please do not contact him either.

During the interview Tee was all over the place. She talked about her rights being violated by police and how she hopes she would eventually get an apology for being falsely accused & mistreated. Yes, I have to absolutely agree it was mostly about her, and not Gannon. To so many this meant she was a narcissist. I hate how often that word is thrown around! 8/10 times people don’t even know what an actual narcissist is but, fling it around like pizza dough. You cannot label her a narcissist off only one interview. Have you ever been on camera? I have! I am a very confident person and outgoing, I thought I would have my interview in the bag. I even practiced everything I would say. As soon as they hit LIVE I was a deer in headlights and all over the place. I didn’t remember anything I rehearsed, and the things I did remember to say, I did not express in order. I was fidgeting & fiddling and left out a lot of what I wanted to say. It was a train wreck. I was shocked by the fact I totally flopped because it goes against my natural personality.

Mind you, I was just sharing a personal emotional story about my family and it did not involve a missing child. I can not fathom what it must be like to go on camera when your world is falling apart, the public is after you scrutinizing every detail, death threats, family issues, police involved, and a child is missing on top of it! Yikes! It makes me nervous just thinking about it. And, if guilty even more nerve wracking trying to keep lies straight. It doesn’t surprise me that her interview wasn’t flawless. If Tee went on blubbering and talking all about Gannon they would have found faults in her blubbering and how she should have been more focused, or composed, to get the word out about Gannon. You cannot win! What also needs to be taken into account is the interviewer was a reporter and had very leading questions, because let’s face it, reporter’s want to sell headlines. The beginning of the interview starts off with him mentioning the death threats she’s received, naturally she started to talk about that! He didn’t ask about Gannon at first, although soon afterwards he did. The next question was about the social media presence surrounding the case, the accusations, theories, and conspiracies against her. So again, of course she started to speak about that.

At one point in the interview she called over her daughter to verify Gannon was at home after their hike on Sunday. People said Tee coached her daughter on camera. That makes no sense, because it was her idea for her daughter to come over, and even speak with the reporter. Why even call her over in the first place if she wasn’t sure her daughter would verify and say exactly what she wanted?

People are all over Facebook groups screaming she’s a liar but, when you ask them what she lied about they get all bent out of shape and offer no answer. They refuse to share why they are calling her a liar and just attack. The few who have taken the time to explain what they interpret as lies, in my opinion, fail to actually prove it a lie. I want to cover some of those but first let me make clear the following:

Taking what Tee said and comparing it to what the media has reported does not mean she lied. The news is known for running with information, being inaccurate, and even sensationalizing and lying for views. Even the news sources who strive for accuracy are guilty of these things. Remember, it was reported for five days that Chris Watts had confessed to killing his wife and daughters, when we now know he never said anything close to that at the time.

Taking what Tee said and comparing it to what her mother said does not mean Tee lied. That’s called telephone, third party information, or hearsay. She was not there.

Taking what Tee said and comparing it to what a random person on the internet said does not mean Tee lied. Anyone claiming to be a source, close to the family, a witness, etc. is not a fact. You can be anyone you want to be on the internet! When these stories transpire the trolls come out in troves from their mommy’s basement.

Confirmed to be from their hike on Sunday.

-The whole issue about Tee lying about Burger King we already discussed in Part One. Here’s what I said:

To expand on this, it’s being deemed a lie because in her interview she used the word “we”. Tee’s mother was in a group and said Tee & her daughter had dropped Gannon off at home before going to Burger King. Tee’s mother was not even there, so she does not know anything except what she is told. The public is taking what Tee said as literal and thinking they all immediately went to Burger King after their hike. Simply because she stated, “we went to Burger King after” does not prove who went nor that it’s a lie. And, again, the telephone game is in action.

-I discussed in the first part of this series about how there are nurses hotlines to ask questions versus going to doctor, no need to go over that again. Here it is in the following screenshots for a refresher:

I also seen that Tee said the doctor told her a home remedy to try, and people did not believe that. Why not?My kids have a mainstream pediatrician who also turns to natural remedies & treatments for minor issues. There’s no reason for a child with constipation or even a stomachache to sit in a sick filled waiting room for nothing. Any number of remedies can be easily explained over the phone.

-Tee said on a post “He was gone after the bus came” and commenters called that a lie because he didn’t go to school. Well, he has a younger sister who did go to school that day and even if she hadn’t, by saying he was still home after the daily bus came fits the timeline of when she claims she last saw him.

-Tee said to a friend in a text that she doesn’t keep up with all his friends and didn’t know which ones he went to hang out with. She also said Gannon had texted his father, who was away, asking if he could go. Last she said that his dad allowed him to roam the neighborhood. This last part is proven true, because his father Albert was quoting as saying:

His father was texting all Gannon’s friends when he wasn’t even home, which does show he had his friends saved in his phone. If Gannon’s phone was left behind it’s safe to assume his friends numbers were in it. What we do not know is if his phone was immediately given to police when they arrived that evening. If it was then Tee had no access to it. If his father was already calling everyone there would be no need for her to call too.

-Tee said two things on different occasions. One was she said they can tell he got out of the truck with technology that detects shadows & movement. The other, that there was footage turned in of the other side of the truck after the initial video was leaked. The public says this is contradicting. It could be they were able to analyze the footage at first then later received additional footage that confirmed it.

-Social media sleuths have focused in on one of her first comments that said, “he did not go to school today. Nor have we heard from him.” You can see the entire comment here:

They think this was said on Monday, but you can tell it was said on Tuesday the day after he went missing. The use of the word nor tells me she meant he didn’t show up to the school on Tuesday after he went missing. Most wouldn’t think he would show up to school, but it’s possible he could have. We know he didn’t because they had checked.

-Tee originally said he left with nothing but later said his Nintendo Switch was not at the home. This doesn’t mean she lied about him not taking anything. It could mean later upon further inspection the switch was found to be missing.

–In her initial interview she talked as though Albert & her were not speaking to each other because of all this. Over a week later she said they talk everyday. Again, the sleuths proclaimed this was a contradicting lie. How can anyone call this a lie? It could have been initially there was a conflict but later the couple talked.

-Some random person on the internet claims that Tee’s best friend told her that Tee said her ex-husband was after her about money. Tee’s first husband actually died. This does not mean Tee lied, because some random on the internet made this claim.

-The scrutinizers are hung up on her calling her daughter a kid but, then claim her daughter is in the Air Force. Technically, it is her kid. I am in my late 30s, married, with several kids, and my mother still references me as a kid.

-Tee claims there was a candle situation that occurred Sunday evening. Supposedly, Gannon knocked a candle over and it burnt the carpet on the rug. The public sleuths proclaim that’s impossible and that the wax would have put the candle out. To that I say tell your local fire department that it is impossible because I bet they would disagree with you. One easy google search revealed, “Candles are festive and can brighten up any room, but they are also the leading cause of house fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)”

-Tee claimed she was being run off the road by angry people who are out for her. This is absolutely possible and has happened in other cases. “They” say it’s a lie, because her car was taken so how can that be happening. No one stopped to think maybe she has a rental car to get around, driving a friends’ car, or has received her car back.

-The public says she lied about not having her possessions when she gave her interview, because it was later said that she had a police escort to collect her things. Her interview was within the first few days of Gannon missing. If she later had a police escort that does not mean she lied about originally having to leave without her stuff.

-Oh, those sleuths! Tee had second guessed herself on what he was wearing. That’s pretty normal to second guess yourself because, let’s face it, parents aren’t expected to remember exactly what their kids wear every time they leave the house. We do not walk around making a mental note of every nonsignificant thing with the idea lurking in the back of our minds that our kid may go missing at any given time. Tee later said in her media statement that she had taken a selfie with Gannon in the truck that day. Of course, this made everyone call her a liar because originally she wasn’t totally sure (second guessing herself). Think about that for a second, if he was in the backseat of the truck, and she took a selfie his pants wouldn’t be visible. Guess which article of clothing she was not totally sure about? His pants. She simply couldn’t remember if they were for certain black pants or blue jeans.

-They say she lied in her interview about her daughter’s car keys.

God forbid she forgot the keys were in her purse. I mean no one ever forgets things. Yes, that’s sarcasm.

-Tee says she’s hired a lawyer and can not talk about the details of the case. When she did speak about some minor details of the case her lawyer got mad about her disclosing information. It wasn’t anything that would mess with the investigation. It was details mostly about the weekend before he went missing. Even when she shared minor information those reading it did not believe her because they say she would have included proof. But wait, as I said “they” were mad she disclosed information, but also wanted her to provide proof. Can’t make this up even if I wanted to.

– One commenter said the following (bm is birth mother):

Tee didn’t start this fundraiser a family friend did, so not a lie that Tee may think money being donated to the birth mother should go for a reward.

-The public is hung up on her saying; “This was an accident not some tragedy and Gannon is alive.” They are sold this was a Freudian slip admitting it was an accident. If it was an accident that’s a tragedy. I perceived it as her saying this wasn’t some malicious horrible thing that so many think it is. Which is what the majority thinks, she murdered her stepson that she had custody of.

-“They” say it’s a lie because she said he was going to a friends house but there’s no footage of him leaving. How do they know there isn’t? How do they know he didn’t leave out of the gate, and was captured by some creep? We don’t know, because the police haven’t said. What we do know is that there was an attempted abduction a few days before Gannon disappeared and one just earlier yesterday, eleven miles away.

– Commenters say it doesn’t make sense he stayed home from school “sick” but then later went to a friend’s house. I think it’s plausible given he wasn’t sick, but had a stomach issue. He may have been feeling better and would not have been contagious. “They’re” also saying it doesn’t make sense she took him out on errands if he was sick. As I just said it was a stomach issue and many parents take their kids out when actually sick. It doesn’t mean anything.

Do you see where I am going with all this? I am analyzing the information and coming up with reasonable explanations & possibilities. If this turns out to be a mostly circumstantial case, a defense lawyer and then a jury, would be analyzing it the same way, probably more so. At least any good lawyer and jury would, & should. The whole idea is to raise reasonable doubt.

This post above made me giggle. More happens in my household in 24 hours than that, obviously besides any child going missing. When you have multiple kids it’s nonstop chaos for the most part. If that person has kids and an uneventful household I will gladly trade places. Kidding, of course…

I am serious though, kids get hurt, have accidents, make messes, etc. It’s not abnormal to have that much happen in three days time. I live in a 1300 square foot home and am always right here, or within feet, of my kids. They still manage to have things happen.

I am not done and about to start Part 3. As this story unfolds I will continue to write about it whether Tee ends up innocent or guilty.

Stay tuned for Part 3…

Which is available now:

The search for Gannon is ongoing. Today is 3 weeks & 5 days.

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