Persecution (Part 1)

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Welcome back! In order for me to write any of these posts it is almost mandatory for me to follow True Crime group discussions very closely. Trying to balance my personal life, the blog, and these cases can be taxing & time consuming. The current case I have been following heavily is the story of Gannon Stauch. I briefly brought up Gannon’s story in the, “Coffee Chat” blog post. You can see that post here:

Please refrain from sharing this post in the groups that are specified as only Gannon groups, as tempting as it may be. You will understand why it’s not a good idea to share in those groups, instead feel free to share this in generalized True Crime groups. What an eventful three weeks it has been since handsome young Gannon vanished. The groups have gone wild and are disturbingly out of control. The witch hunt often seen in these type of cases is beyond overboard, it’s perturbing to me to say the least. The majority of the public has Gannon’s stepmother, Leticia, tied to a stake waiting & chanting for the fire to be started. She was the last to see him before he vanished. Every ounce of rational, logical, reasonable, level headed critical thinking has completely gone out the window. If you aren’t sitting Indian style, or throwing wood in the pile for the fire to be lit with the townspeople, you are then accused of defending & supporting Leticia. They take it even further by accusing people of being her family, friend, and even her! I was accused of being Leticia eight times in one day! I am currently on a Facebook ban as they reported me thinking I was her! How insane is that? Pass the marshmallows!

On top of that, the rumors, misinformation, and drama is bountiful, dare I say far more than I have ever seen before. For those new to hearing the name Gannon Stauch let me backtrack and share what we know. What we know is basically nothing, nada, zip, zilch, that’s what you need to know. I am kidding of course there are basics, here they are:

Gannon is a 11 year old boy seen here:

Here is his missing flyer please share for the family:

The story is out of guess where? Colorado! Colorado Springs area to be exact.

Gannon and his younger sister live with their father Albert & stepmother Leticia who I mentioned already.

Albert (father) is in the military and was away for training when his son Gannon went missing.

Gannon’s mother lives in South Carolina & has another younger child from another marriage.

Leticia (stepmother) has an older daughter from a previous marriage.

Based off a series of events that have taken place over the last 3 weeks throughout social media, it is safe to say there is a massive amount of family drama.

Gannon was last seen, according to his stepmother, between 3:15-4:00 pm timeframe on January 27th, 2020.

Gannon was originally reported as a run away and was upgraded to a missing endangered child soon afterwards.

Law enforcement who is handling the investigation is being incredibly tight lipped. They refuse to confirm, or deny, any piece of information.

Gannon’s parents spoke during a press conference the first week he was missing.

Gannon’s stepmom gave a separate interview to a local media station the same week.

It’s been three weeks and it “appears” to the publics’ perspective that there’s been no progress, even though over 600 tips have been reported into the police tip line. That being said, there may be progress, we just don’t know because of how little information we have been given.

That’s it. That’s what we know. Most anything beyond that is a rumor. Oh, boy the rumors are aplenty!

Since we have very little information and hardly any facts right now ANYTHING is possible. Do not dare try to say that in any of the groups though, or they’ll tie you up on a stake with her. I think this case can really be a learning experience for those who are new to True Crime cases. Based off of what I have been watching unfold it seems similar to the Watts case, in the respect that there are many newbies in discussing these types of cases. Basic questions are being asked that most whom typically follow cases would know already, example being: “ Why wasn’t an Amber Alert activated?” The answer, in relation to Gannon, is because he was originally labeled a runaway.

Here is information on Amber Alerts:

Do you know the cost to activate an Amber Alert? I didn’t! I found it can cost between $200,000-$500,000 dollars depending on what resources they use to find your child. There was a woman last year who killed her child, but lied about him being abducted. It was concluded she cost her state law enforcement departments $500,000 by lying! Wow!

You need car description &/or abductor in the most advantageous circumstances for law enforcement and finding the child. Hopefully both are available, which obviously is much more helpful. Amber Alerts are not activated every time a child goes missing, it’s simply just not how it works. If that upsets some, then take the time to contact your legislators and push for them to make a law, or reclassify Amber Alerts in general. That would be more productive than being angry at the police for not activating an Amber Alert when they have protocols and criteria to follow.

*There are rare exceptions to everything of course.

Let me continue, but first put a disclaimer:

I believe wholeheartedly in the concept of innocent until proven guilty. With the age of social media that idea has been completely lost. I believe in FACTS, and distinguishing those from rumors. I believe in choosing your words carefully, because if you don’t then opinions get misconstrued as fact! Which is exactly how rumors begin and circulate, like a game of telephone. Convicting someone and playing judge & juror can destroy someone’s life, and has. This is not a game, this is someone’s real life! I understand that “juicy” sells as much as sex does, I mean why else would the Jerry Springer show have become so well known & popular? That being said, an eleven year old boy is missing, at this point the chances that he is alive is extremely slim. He is/was an innocent young child who most likely loved the people who cared for him, which includes his stepmother. I don’t know what happened to Gannon, and neither does anyone else at this point. Emotions do not belong in True Crime discussion. It is human nature to feel sympathy, and sadness. It is not healthy if you are crying, losing sleep, having dreams, or publicly saying you are gonna need mental health support over a child you didn’t even know! It is also not cool to leave comments on people’s social media that are involved in a case, either victims or suspect! I really hope 95 percent of the people I have seen discussing this particular case will never be called to jury duty, because their behavior is quite unnerving.

Let’s proceed.

Stepmom Leticia, who I will now refer to as “Tee” from here-forth, was the last to see Gannon as previously mentioned. Over the weekend she had disclosed that Gannon was helping her unload items in the garage, and happened to cut his foot on a hammer. Here’s a picture of the garage taken a week later:

As you see, right there is a table saw in an area that is very cluttered. I work with wood, and I can attest that when one is building, dropping tools, placing them on floor, having them scattered, etc. is quite normal. Given the clutter surrounding the table saw it’s not a stretch that there may have been tools located on the floor in that area. Tee claims Gannon cut his foot, she cleaned it up, bandaged it, and he was good to go. This was a statement to the media a week after the live interview: “Saturday Night, G was helping me unload in the garage and cut his foot because there are a lot of tools because Albert does woodworking. He sat on the edge of the car and we bandaged it up. He was good to go. He always loves helping his dad in the garage build things like his LEGO tables and the flower pot they built for me as a gift. After this, I noticed G kept going to the side of the house.” I have cut myself on a tool before, I skimmed a hammer! There was a ton of blood but when I cleaned it up you couldn’t even see a cut. Similar to another time I cut my foot on a small piece of glass, after the accident blood galore, but as soon as I cleaned it up you wouldn’t have had a clue. Members of groups started questioning what kid would be walking barefoot in a garage, well mine do. We leave the door leading into the house open, because our washer & dryer are located in there as well as other things we need throughout the day. They were wondering why he would be helping unload anything in the garage barefoot, and to that I say have you never had to remind your kids to get their shoes on? I was relieved to see many people saying they walk barefoot in the garage, and even carry in groceries barefoot from the driveway into the garage. Relieved seems like a weird word choice, but it shows that not everyone is the same! Glad they spoke up about their personal experiences and actions.

People were assuming that since he needed a bandaid this must have meant the cut was bad. That’s simply not true and is an assumption. How many people put bandaids on paper cuts? The foot is an awkward location to have a cut and a bandaid would help if you need to put socks & shoes on. Tee has shared that they went hiking on Sunday, the social media groups couldn’t understand how he could go hiking when he cut his foot. Well, for starters we have no idea how bad this cut was! We don’t know where the cut was located, on the top, side or bottom of his foot. We don’t know anything in relation to the cut foot beyond he had cut himself according to Tee. They even went as far as saying this proves the cops must have found blood, because why even mention him cutting himself. Right after she discussed him cutting his foot, it was mentioned that he kept going to the side gate. If reading the media statement as it is written, it makes it appear as though she brought it up because it was a part of the lead up to him checking the gate. I don’t think it means, nor indicates, they found blood. Here is the rest of her quote; “After this, I noticed G kept going to the side of the house. He told me he was checking to see if the gate was locked because he was the only one with a gate key. It made him proud to be the man of the house while Albert was away. Fast forward, we did a hike on Sunday [cleared], and shopping on Monday [cleared as well for him getting out of the other side].”

There was a Burger King trip mentioned by Tee during her interview that was supposedly after their hike on Sunday. During her interview she said “We went to Burger King after”, and later Tee’s mother said Gannon was dropped off home, before going to Burger King. The public immediately called this a lie. During Tee’s interview her daughter made a brief appearance, which is when Tee said “We went to Burger King after”. She didn’t clarify who went and could have meant her daughter & herself. It did not necessarily mean that it was immediately after the hike before going home, or that Gannon went with them.

Monday rolled around and according to Tee, Gannon stayed home from school “sick”. Sick can mean a plethora of things, examples includes; cold, flu, headache, stomachache, etc. It’s been said by Tee’s mother on social media that it was for constipation. Note though, Tee’s mother was not there to know for sure. Constipation could definitely be something that would cause a child to stay home, and that does not require a doctors visit in many cases. Oftentimes, when a child is experiencing some sort of stomach issue a call into the nurses line will help a parent decide whether to take them in or not. Tee told someone in a message circulating that he had to go to the doctors, and she also mentioned calling the nurses line somewhere else. People proclaimed this as conflicting and declared her to be lying. She may have considered taking him to the doctors but after calling the nurses line was advised on what to do via phone, with no need for an in person visit. This doesn’t mean she lied.

During the morning hours of Monday, the day he vanished, a neighbors surveillance video showed two individuals leaving the Stauch family home. Opinions vary on what is seen in the footage. Some see Tee & Gannon, others see a male & Gannon, some see Tee & her daughter, and other variations. The truck pulls out and returns four hours later. This footage was found a few days after his disappearance by a neighbor who then spoke with the media. That neighbor showed the video to the family and media first, who was then asked by law enforcement not to share it. Unfortunately, a day later the footage was leaked via the media. It was claimed by the neighbor and most of the public that it shows Tee leaving with Gannon, and not returning with him.

If this is true it would mean her story about last seeing him between 3:15-4:00 pm that day is false, because she returned around 2:15pm. The issue here is law enforcement refuses to comment on the video, and were quite upset it was leaked, as it may have hindered their investigation. The second issue is the truck is seen backing into the driveway. You can see someone exit the drivers side after few seconds, it does not appear that anyone else gets out. The footage is only the drivers side of the truck, and there’s no way to know for sure if he didn’t get out the passengers side. I have been attacked for pointing this out, and people have said if he did we would see shadow, feet, legs or something under the truck. Many actually have thought they did see a shadow or feet on the other side. Put your law enforcement & jury hats on here for a second. If there is no clear shot in a video of the passengers side of the truck it is NOT a fact he didn’t get out. Saying you don’t see a shadow, feet, or legs isn’t enough for the people doing the real investigating in this case. It raises doubt, and can be simply explained away that he exited the other side. This footage does nothing for them without additional footage, and they may very well have seen other footage after this one was leaked. Due to the first footage being leaked it would make sense law enforcement would not make that mistake again to share any other footage. If I was a juror on this case there is no way could I accept that video as “proof” he did not return. Hopefully, most of you wouldn’t either! Here’s the footage that was leaked:

Personally, at the start of the video I see a male. It looks like a male with a book bag on shoulder, and white baseball cap backwards. When the person reaches the truck they appear to be as tall as the truck, and Tee in pictures does not appear to be that tall. Here’s a screenshot of the person, which to me it looks to be a male:

Read my words carefully again! I am not making excuses, defending, or supporting Tee. I am pointing out that a little bit of critical thinking, logic, rational, and level headedness without allowing emotions in can prevent persecution. If she is indeed guilty the law will hopefully handle it. Allowing the professionals to secure concrete evidence and perform a thorough investigation that can be passed off to the district attorney is ideal. Calling in theories, hunches, or opinions can hinder their efforts. Let the system decide her fate if she ends up guilty, but we the public do not need to destroy, harass, attack, implicate, accuse, or even worse, threaten her. Not just her, but any parent or person involved in one of these unthinkable situations. I had someone try to call me out, and say I did the same to Shanann Watts. False! And, Sigh! We discussed, analyzed, and theorized the FACTS. It’s not even remotely the same as what has been transpiring within this case. Furthermore, Shanann is deceased, and nothing we discuss can affect her worse than that.

Look at these messages sent to her minor daughter:

These are just a few messages to her daughter, and even with this proof people don’t believe Tee is getting these messages as she claims.

There seems to be a growing trend of following these cases and with it mass public scrutiny, and conviction involved in these cases. Let’s discuss what one should consider doing if they ever, sadly, find themselves in one of these situations.

In the year 2020 everything is recorded! When police arrive on scene, obviously share with them what is going on. Do not offer up any extra irrelevant information that is unnecessary to disclose. If you are asked to come in for questions, stick to the facts, and details that matter that can help locate your loved one. For any further questioning, and/or interrogating meetings, keep your lips zipped. Everything you say will be documented and can be brought up at a later time, and in court.

While most of us can not afford a lawyer on a whim there are ways around securing one. Until you can figure it out, decline further questioning without a lawyer’s assistance & guidance. Ask around to friends, family, and coworkers about a good local attorney. Call some offices and explain to them your current situation, they may do a free consultation.

I highly advise against agreeing to a lie detector test. There’s a reason they are not admissible in a courtroom. Law enforcement can lie to you at anytime, and even say you failed, this could lead to them lying about evidence against you that doesn’t even exist. The time & money spent on a polygraph test can go towards them working on the investigation, interviewing potential suspects, evidence collection, and local searches.

Do not blindly think you have “nothing to hide” and agree to everything they ask. Do not be naive and think the truth will set you free.

Consider NOT talking with the media unless it’s through a press conference led by police. If you do, after your statement refuse to answer any questions. If you secure a lawyer you can have them release a media statement on your behalf. Stay away from YouTube channels claiming they want to help, because they really only want to use you to promote their channel for having a “source”. Ask your friends & family not to speak with any of these channels, on any social media platforms.

These True Crime discussion groups are not for your eyes during such a scary time. Advise your friends & family to not join or engage with the public no matter how hard that is. Everything they say will be used against you within the publics’ eyes, and possibly even by law enforcement.

It is human nature to want to defend yourself. Many people can just ignore what is being said, because they know it’s all inaccurate. There are others who cannot handle it, and instinctually want to defend themselves. This is why being a part of these groups, reading any public posts and/or comments, or opening any private messages from someone you know, or don’t know, is not wise.

Immediately lock up your Facebook profile, and as a matter of fact do that now! Share publicly only information you want to be shared to get the word out. Advise your friends and family to do the same, because people will seek them out too if they are connected to you. You can go to Facebook Help to find instructions to lock your profile down.

Doing any of these listed things does not make you, or anyone else guilty! It makes you smart for protecting yourself from a witch hunt, and shielding yourself from incrimination, false accusation, false confession, or worse false conviction.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people say the following:

“If he/she is innocent they would be out helping search”

This is false. Often, law enforcement will ask the families to not help them in their searches. There are various reasons for not wanting the family to join them. In the Gannon Stauch case we have not seen or heard about ANY of the parents or family helping in the searches. If none are, then why is everyone saying the fact Tee isn’t out helping means she’s guilty? Not only that, but it’s quite an assumption that she isn’t helping with searches when we don’t have tabs on her all day long. That is why I said just because we have not seen, or heard of the parents doing this, that does not mean it’s a fact they aren’t.

“If he/she is innocent they would be begging & pleading for the public to help find their loved one”

This is false. Not every parent is emotionally and mentally able to speak to the public during such a horrifying time. Beyond that though, damned if you do & damned if you don’t. If you do, your every blink, twitch, words chosen, gestures, posture, etc. will be overanalyzed. They’ll pick apart even if you have a grey hair, because that may mean you are stressed. I am kidding of course on that last one, but this is how far the public takes it. A little girl went missing last week in South Carolina and immediately the public descended on her parents. They were digging into their past, looking up their history, stalking their family, and four days later the child was found deceased. It was disclosed today at a press conference that she was abducted by a neighbor who killed her, and then himself. When she had went missing every other post was people questioning WHY the parents haven’t spoken publicly, and that they must be guilty. Everyone seems to think they know exactly how they would be, and what they would do in these circumstances. We discussed all this in the, “Never Say Never” series here’s the link:

“If he/she were innocent they would take a polygraph test”

I can confidently say this is false. I know for a FACT I would not agree to one. I don’t need to be in that situation to know this is an exception for me. When you know far too much about how the process works then you know it’s best to decline. And again, there is a reason they are not allowed in a courtroom.

“If he/she were innocent their story wouldn’t change”

This kind of makes me giggle to see. I am noticing a lot of names in the groups about Gannon are also from the Watts case groups. Chris Watts’ story didn’t change those three days before his confession. That’s just the Watts case, and best believe there are more. Then when he confessed the first time, and they kept asking him the same questions in various ways, the details to that confession did not change. These same people seem to forget that Chris’s story didn’t change during the time his family was “missing” and we all know now he was lying!

“ If he/she were innocent they wouldn’t have used past tense”

This is also false. Sometimes people’s mind are already in a bad place, and mentally their mind defaults to past tense. The public was outraged to hear Tee speak of Gannon in past tense, but a few days later the other side of Gannon’s family spoke in past tense too. Tee also spoke of Gannon’s sister in past tense, so it could just be her speech mannerisms. I am not so sure it really means much. Consider this: People tend to speak in past tense when the person has been gone a few days. Let me give you an example: You have a friend come visit for two days, then leaves. Someone asks you about the visit and you say something to the effect of “She WAS so happy to see us.”

In the next part of this series about the disappearance of Gannon Stauch I will discuss:


Double standards

The “lies” people claim Tee has told

And more

Before I go, why is the public practically rooting to be right about the stepmom’s involvement in his disappearance? Look at just these two screenshots of comments left on his mother’s posts. What is so funny? Being right would mean someone Gannon trusted betrayed him! It would mean his life is over, two families’ lives destroyed, marriages broken up, a daughter without a mother, anguish, and utter heartbreak. The turn True Crime Case discussions have taken is snafu.

I’ll be back to continue…

Part 2 now available: