Letters from True Crime Case Analysis (Part 15)

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Dear readers and listeners,

Welcome back, again! Part 14 of this series about Cadle’s book, “Letters from Christopher”, was packed full with facts from the Discoveries.

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Here’s the link to Part 1 for those new to this series: https://truecrimecaseanalysis.home.blog/2019/10/12/letters-from-true-crime-case-analysis-part-1/

This is the case that doesn’t end, it goes on and on my friends. Sorry, if you have the song stuck in your head again. Seriously, what is with this case, and the constant developments that unfold? It seems as though every week there’s something new to cover and discuss. This week is no different! Let’s get started, but this time we are gonna cover more than just Chris’s letters. I want to discuss the plagiarism accusations that were uncovered about Cadle’s book, and also a recent story in the news that’s being compared to the Watts case.

-True Crime Case Analysis

In the last week, it has been brought to the attention of thousands of followers of the Watts case that there was plagiarism involved with Cadle’s book. Since the news broke, Cadle has apologized to an author by the name of, Anne K. Howard privately. Anne’s attorneys and publishing company have struck a settlement with Cadle. The book will be pulled off all selling sites, the publishing company Dorrance will not be allowed to print anymore copies, and all proceeds will be given to Anne. The book will only be able to be published again if, and when, all plagiarism is removed and the title changed. Since the deal was struck, Anne has shared on the YouTube channel “Crime Talk” with lawyer Scott Reisch that another [unnamed] author has also contacted pertinent parties as a possible other victim.

Even the weather report was copied as you can see above. Looks like the cover may have came from another book as well. There are many other examples floating around, Anne K. Howard’s book is called, “His Garden: Conversations with a Serial Killer”. I admit, I had never heard of this author or her book but I am suddenly intrigued to read it, apparently many others are as well. To see more examples search on the platform YouTube, and search for “Cadle plagiarism” there are plenty of videos about it.

As we have journeyed through the book together in this series analysis there were many parts of the book, if not all, that just were not handled with care. For starters, Cadle pushed her opinion continuously through the entire book, and it’s clear and evident what she believes now. It’s fine to have an opinion, but a book of this nature that was supposed to be a third version of events, it comes across as inappropriate. Many times her opinions were stated in a matter of fact way. You were left trying to figure out if what was written was true or not. Other times, you couldn’t even tell what Chris said versus what Cadle’s opinion is.

When we get to Cadle recapping what Chris shared with her there was basic information that was inaccurate. The worst of all of it was how Chris, who is now a known liar, mentioned being a story teller too, everything he said was taken at face value. To make matters even worse Cadle copies the Discoveries, which is free to everyone, but did not use those same documents to fact check what Chris told her. One prime example was that Chris told her he took the creepy doll picture while Shanann was away in Arizona. This is with certainty not the truth. As I mentioned in another blog post, Shanann left 8/10, and the picture was posted on her Facebook on 8/9. Shanann could not have posted a picture Chris had yet to even take. It would have taken seconds for Cadle to fact check this piece of information. It didn’t stop there though, throughout the book everything Chris shared with Cadle, it seems she did not check once, never mind double checking, or verified any of his words.

Cadle also seemed to not have pushed further for any clarification of his claims. Not even when he gave two conflicting stories about drugging Shanann did Cadel seek to find out why the story changed. This is NOT seeking truth! Was she hearing what she wanted to hear? I mean it made sense in her mind. Why seek further clarification if what he is sharing fit her opinion, right? Everyone has an opinion, but if facts contradict your opinion it doesn’t hold weight. After all this, to add insult to injury, now we have plagiarism at play.

No matter what everyone’s opinions are of what happened, the fact remains that this story is about real lives! Cadel’s book comes across as being done carelessly, and has now made a mockery of the case too. The jokes are endless all over social media, and even in the review section of the book on the Amazon website in regards to the plagiarism. It’s understandable that one would jump to write a book if presented with an opportunity but, much thought, research, and time should be put forth before proceeding with one of this caliber. Cadle talked about her moral responsibility to share, which happens to be one of the parts she plagiarized. This leaves me to wonder if she considered moral responsibility at all, or just felt that sounded like she did, so copied it. A book about a major crime while committing a crime is a quite disturbing.

I take my time with each blog post I write to ensure I am being careful as to not cause any further harm. I read them several times before publishing, and make sure I am handling the story & my words with care. I stick to the facts of the case, the video & audio evidence, critical thinking, and speculative language. The goal has never been to push my opinion, or to have a platform of people who all agree. I ask questions, discuss facts, bring up points people may have not considered, and attempt to do a process of elimination in search of a clear view of what happened.

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” -Arthur Conan Doyle

The innocent children, Bella and Celeste, involved in this case deserve the full truth and nothing less. This is exactly why I would never have seized a book opportunity with Chris where it involved ANOTHER story to add to the confusion. If I did, I would have made sure to ask all the right questions, and that it matched the small amount of facts we do have. I wonder if Cadle had in her mind the right intentions, at least I hope she did. At the end of the day though, I believe she jumped to get the book out quickly while the case was still in the headlines. Unfortunately, this book of hers is the result of rushed work. More lies, confusion, hurt, and now add plagiarism to it all. I am not here to make Cadle feel any worse, but my hope is that she learns from this experience. At minimum, I hope other future True Crime writers use it as an example of how not to handle something so sensitive in nature to so many people.

When the plagiarism was brought to light, Cadle initially tried to deflect the blame to one of the mourning families involved in the case. Cadle claimed of having been sabotaged, and even said Chris was in on it. It’s like witnessing a child throwing an object and when asked why they threw said object the child answers ”it wasn’t me, someone else did it”. Obviously, since a settlement was reached privately between the women, Cadle has quietly admitted guilt. We have yet to see a formal public apology, which is also in the agreement. Now people all over social media are questioning the entirety of the book, and for good reason. By entirety, I mean even Chris’s letters to Cadle have been called into question, which we can see not many letters were actually shared in the book at all. Chris may or may not have written the letters. Given all I’ve said above I think it’s absolutely plausible to consider the letters are fake. That being said, here is what caught my attention about the letters, and now I am considering an entirely different possibility.

As you see above in the pictures from Part 14 of this series Chris wrote twice in one letter, “This was a nightmare.” He also mentioned a dark screen and being “in” the nightmare. Why is that important? Well, not trying to nitpick his word choices but if this was a reflective story moment I would expect it to say, “It was a nightmare”. The use of the word “this” gave me, and others after I pointed it out to them, the impression that Chris is recounting a nightmare he had to Cadle . I am now left wondering if the context of his letters were left out intentionally. Regardless, if this was a nightmare or not, I cannot reconcile this new story at all with the facts we have available. I am of this realm and cannot get on board with claims that the children resurrected from the dead, and not much else of the twisted dark tale either.

The first letter to Cadle began with Chris bringing up a vision he had before August 13th. You will notice this part is not in bold text.

You see where it says, “you’re correct?” Right before that he wrote:

Chris wrote that, but then went into a vision he had that came to pass first. He then jumped to talking about the murders. Chris abruptly stopped, and began to talk of his spiritual visit. Vision, nightmare, spiritual visit all have a common theme, do they not? Well, I googled, “Dreams, visions, spiritual visits, and nightmare” out of curiosity. Of course, no surprise to me every link that came up was religious, or bible based. Here’s a few of the links I found:





Seems strange his letters would involve a mixture of visions, visits, and then murder. Cadle said after that letter she had a lot of questions for Chris. She never shared what she asked Chris though, and we have no idea if maybe she even fed him details inadvertently. She didn’t seem to push for further clarification if I base it off the response he gave. Cadle took his words at face value, and shared his next letter. This time she didn’t bold the text which is odd since it was supposedly about the murders. That letter is when he mentioned twice, “this was a nightmare.” Then “looking through a dark screen.” Last, “I was in this nightmare, and it wouldn’t let me out”.

Not only do we not know what Cadle’s follow-up questions were, we also do not know what was discussed in their phone conversations, and prison meetings, nor have we ever seen all the letters written between the two. Without those conversations we can not know if this dark screen & nightmare talk was exactly that, simply a nightmare. The big picture and the context is crucial for transparency, and for understanding the exact implications and intent. This book debacle from Cadel is starting to feel a little like a nightmare itself as we wade through its contents.

One aspect that is very fascinating to me; is now that Cadle has lost all credibility, so has the book. People are back to discussing wild conspiracy theories that also don’t match any of the facts. I think it’s hard for people to wrap their heads around either parent harming Bella & Celeste. They would rather believe men in black suits showed up, kids drowned alive in the oil because Chris couldn’t bare to kill them, the altitude in Colorado caused Chris to snap, or that evil temptress must have done it.

When Shanann walked into their door at 1:48 a.m. three people were inside the home. By 5:17 a.m. just 3 hours and 29 minutes later three people left that house with Chris, either dead or alive. I heavily covered the claim about him taking his children alive to the site not adding up against facts, and logistically doesn’t make any sense in Part 14.

One walked into the home with three inside, and one walked out with three in tow. There’s no proof anyone was in the home prior, or after. That brings us to two people only that are capable, unless Dieter has some explaining to do. With all the darkness, potions, and crystal talk Cadle has done, and all the psychics involved with this case, why hasn’t anyone brought in a dog psychic too? I mean cute little Dieter is the only one to know the truth. At this point, I would believe him over anyone or anything else.

Next, let’s get back to the book and finish Chris’s letter.

“I could not believe they came back to life.”

This has been said many times since the first part of this series; Bella & Celeste Watts did not come back to life. Could he have failed the initial time? Sure. Both kids? Far reaching, but small possibility. Both survived, woke up at the same time, walked across the hall together at precisely the same time, and were walking around with no symptoms of hypoxia? No! It simply did not happen. There is a term named after Lazarus from the Bible called, Lazarus syndrome. It’s incredibly rare and includes failed CPR, so would not apply to Chris’s tale:

Here’s a link to all the characters in the Bible who came back to life: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gotquestions.org/amp/raised-from-the-dead.html

“I was still shaking, and in a sweat, and my heart was pounding so hard in my chest. I didn’t know what to do next, I didn’t even know what I was doing, nothing made any sense to me. I had not planned this out carefully enough. I remember just feeling so angry, a feeling an emotion that I had never felt before.”

This entire part can easily fit the first confession scenario. Shaking, and sweating from the adrenaline, panic, fight or flight rush. Heart racing trying to figure out what to do next. Claims of not knowing what to do next, but wants you to believe he planned the murders. Feeling so angry like he never felt before, because of what had happened.

In an August 12th text to Addy, Shanann said the following, “I say things sometimes just to get him to react in any way since he doesn’t react and that’s not good.” Who says that’s not good? Expressing emotions is a good thing, but reacting is not needed if you handle feelings in an emotionally healthy way. Shanann was a reactor and she wanted him to be the same way. Somehow, and for some reason, she thought everyone should react and it was a good thing if they do. Shanann really believed this to the point of even trying to provoke him to no avail. For two weeks she was begging for him to talk and fight with her and came up empty. She knew he was not one to react, yet she kept pushing and pushing. What happens when someone is so desperate for a reaction, any reaction, and nothing is working? A new plan is formed, a different way to receive what you want so badly.

Every time Shanann tried to get him to talk, fight with her, or react in those two weeks, Chris expressed feelings about Bella & Celeste. We have discussed the examples, but let me share them again. “Your response last night was, “I don’t want to lose the kids!”. Another text, “That’s what you said last night…you didn’t say you didn’t want to lose us, you said you didn’t want to lose the kids”. Couple or so texts later, “You haven’t fought for me this week. It’s only the kids”. To friend Cristina, “He said nothing, he just said I love the kids…” I wouldn’t really say that he said “nothing” when he expressed love for their girls. It was just Shanann he hadn’t expressed his emotions about. A few texts later to Cristina, “He responded I don’t want to lose the kids. I walked away in tears since I couldn’t take anymore”. Chris definitely was not reacting the way she wanted him to.

How many fathers walk out on the entire family? It’s quite frequent, and we hear it all the time. Of course a woman/mother would be upset to be losing their spouse but, generally there is relief that he still wants to be involved with the children. Chris repeatedly told her he loved the kids and didn’t want to lose them. Shanann recognized the children were all he cared about, and the only ones he was showing concern & emotions about. She found his trigger. The attacks against him didn’t cause him to react, the attacks against his family didn’t work, the constant badgering didn’t work either. His only reaction to it all was, he didn’t want to lose Bella & Celeste.

Shanann at this point of the text exchanges had been keeping the girls from their grandparents. She spoke of moving them out of state and away from their father. Mentioned fighting for full custody with no grounds to do such, and attempt to keep their girls from him. She even attempted to keep the girls away from a woman in her 90s, their great-grandmother. On top of that, when speaking of moving out of state, Shanann said not North Carolina. We can add her parents, and sibling who the children were being kept from too. All while also saying, repeatedly, she could not do it alone with three kids. Then why shut out every single person who loved those little girls, and who would & could help? It makes no sense. Don’t get angry at what I am about to say, but if someone is capable of all this, which would have made the children collateral damage, what else are they capable of? Where does the line get drawn? Or was there no line she wouldn’t cross?

Back to the quote from the Cadel book. Imagine for a second the first confession is true. Now think about if you told someone, over and over and over again, how much you loved your children & didn’t want to lose them. Next, think about that person harming the ones you expressed you care about, in fact, the only thing you’ve expressed caring about. That would certainly trigger what he said, “I remember just feeling so angry, a feeling an emotion that I had never felt before”. Without a doubt, that would be a feeling you NEVER felt before.

“I opened the hatch, and I was surprised at how small the opening was. I lifted her up and down into the hole. I remember as I was lowering her body, that I would never see her again, but instead of love I had always had for her, numbness was in its place. I could not feel anything for her…. I heard a splash as she hit the oil.”

—It should go without saying, that clearly the oil tanks were not the way to handle any of this. I understand and recognize this part of the story upsets a lot of people. I won’t dismiss anyone’s feeling on that. Some people view the disposal of bodies in a different way. Neither side are wrong in how they view it. The other side says people hand their kids over to strangers to be burned into ashes. The reason that’s acceptable is because it has been accepted as normal in our society. In other cultures they have all sorts of burial practices that would outrage the majority in this country. The oil-site was a cattle ranch with animals that roam the land, it was August in Colorado so hot weather. Had they been given the same spot as Shanann their bodies would have been exposed to the elements. Some have pondered if they were more protected in the tanks. In the heat of the moment, adrenaline pumping, panic, and a time crunch, some can see how using the tanks came to be. Quite honestly, no matter where he left them you would always have someone, or many people outraged. Sadly, there have been far worse ways in which bodies were handled after death. Which leads to me to say, to some people the children were already deceased, and their body was simply a shell. I think everyone would be outraged had the children been alive when they were put in the tanks. [The autopsies prove they were not alive when they were put in the tanks]. There’s no right or wrong view.

Did Bella & Celeste deserve better than that? Absolutely !! What they deserved was their lives! The oil aspect of this case definitely swayed public opinion, and I believe contributed to Chris’s plea deal. There should be more concern for why the children were deceased in the first place. Had they not been killed the oil tanks would never have even come into play.

Moving on to the quote from above about the tanks, it doesn’t make any sense why Chris claims he was shocked at the size of the hatch opening.

Chris has been working for Anadarko for many years and was even in a leadership position. Co-workers coined him “Rain Man” as seen in the photo above. This was due to Chris visiting a site once and remembering it. Surely he had seen the hatch opening before, and I find it hard to believe he didn’t. Let’s just say he never did, why would he climb that long staircase with a child’s body presuming he could get them in? What if he got up there, and there was no hatch at all? Not buying the claim of being shocked about the size of the hatch.

Chris is trying to claim he felt nothing for Celeste, and that he was numb, as he lowered her into the tank. This claim contradicts another one of his claims, he said “I remember as I was lowering her body that I would never see her again”. If his brain thought about never seeing her again, he wasn’t numb to his emotions. Furthermore, why would that moment be when he thought about how he would never see her again? If he killed her it would be in that moment that he knew he would never see her again.

In his first confession, it was Bella he heard make a splash. Chris said that after saying he felt like Bella’s tank had less oil. Now he is claiming he heard Celeste splash. For the record, Celeste’s tank did have a lot more oil than Bella’s.

“Bella was harder to get down the hole. Her arms and shoulder did not want to fit through the hole, so I had to force her through the hatch. They told me they found a tuff of blond hair; I suspect that’s when that happened.”

—For reference:

The blonde hair was found on the east tank as seen in the first photo. The east tank contained the body of Celeste Watts confirmed in second photo. The hair was Celeste’s whom was definitely blonde headed, not Bella’s hair.

While Celeste was younger in age, she was stockier than Bella. Here is a picture of the girls, summer 2018.

Both pictures, roughly, give a good idea of the girls’ sizes next to one another. Look at the head size, shoulders, and width of their bodies. When you put a pool float on what do you do? You raise your arms right? This is what Chris had claimed in his first confession that he had done. By the looks of the girls sizes at that time, it appears like Celeste would have been harder to enter. Hence, the blonde hair. Hair falls out regardless, and they never did share how much hair was actually collected. Could have been three strands for all we know.

“I did separate them purposely. I was trying to get them as far away from Shanann as possible. I guess I put them in the tanks to make sure this time they didn’t get up. I don’t know why except for the anger I felt.”

—Oh, Chris. He says he did separate them on purpose but ends with “I guess” it was to make sure they didn’t get up. Guessing isn’t a fact. Either he knows why he did or he doesn’t. In the middle of this book quote, he mentions wanting them far away from Shanann. Why? Why would he want them away from her? Even if mad at her, because of the buildup over the years, it doesn’t make any sense as to why he wouldn’t want them near her. Not only not near her, but according to him he wanted them as far away as possible. The only way this fits is in his first confession.

The girls being in separate tanks would not have changed anything. In his second confession he brought up how Frank said Chris had separated them even in death, which Chris then said it wasn’t like that, I wasn’t trying to separate anyone. In his first confession he said he wasn’t thinking at that point, scared out of his mind, and didn’t know what to do. Which is it? Had Chris put the girls in the same tank it would not have changed anything. It’s not like the girls could have saved one another and climbed the walls of the large tanks. If he put the girls with Shanann, or near her, it wouldn’t have mattered either unless the choice to separate was psychologically based. Again, that goes back to the first confession.

“…she was standing in the way of me being truly happy with someone I wanted to be with. Had I not killed them, when I got home that afternoon from work, Shanann would not have let me in my own house. She would have locked the doors, or had the locks changed to show me she was in control still. I would have had to make a scene, which is something I did not want to do for the neighbors to see. I had to put the girls in the tanks so they wouldn’t get up the second time.”

—Hmmm. Killed his family to avoid having to make scene in front of the neighbors. Really? That’s exactly what happened Monday. The entire neighborhood knew the family was missing, cops, detectives, FBI, CBI, dogs canvassing the neighborhood on Tuesday.

It does sound like something Shanann would do in regards to locking him out. It matches what Frank said about how his daughter would never leave that house, and Chris would be in handcuffs before that happened. It matches Chris’s other story of standing up to her, but being kicked out of the house for the night. It also matches, once again, her text messages. She told friend Cristina:

To friend Sara, Shanann said:

So it is believable Shanann would have retaliated or been revengeful in any number of ways. I am not sure Shanann & Chris could have ever amicably split with zero issues. Shanann had texted about moving the kids out of state away from him, and even that she would fight for full custody. Financially she couldn’t hurt him any further than what was already done. The only way she had to hurt him was through the children, even in a divorce. Given she was punishing his parents by keeping the children from them, it’s believable she would have done the same with Chris. It wasn’t just words she was spewing because she was emotional. Everyone, including friends and family, confirmed Shanann was very controlling. There’s no way I can see her ever being okay with shared custody where Chris could do what he wished with his time with the children. There’s also the factor of Shanann not wanting his parents to see Bella & Celeste. Chris would have been allowed for the girls to visit with his parents. I don’t think Shanann would have been handled that very well.

The text to Sara was on August 8th, do we remember what happened that day? I have covered that day a lot through this series. That was the day of the ultrasound. It was the day after he rejected her, and that’s the day Chris told her they weren’t compatible. He told her it wasn’t working, and she asked if he meant divorce. Chris answered, “well not right away” which means yes. Immediately following that, she told Cristina she would fight for full custody. This is the same day Chris is claiming she threatened him with losing the girls.

Shanann tells Sara, “Told him this morning not to come home today if he can’t tell me the damn truth on what the hell is going on.” Well he came home and told her as she had demanded. Shanann didn’t like the truth, which was that he no longer wanted to be married to her. The reaction was to threaten him with losing his kids. Remember Shanann thought reacting was a “good thing”.

Shanann would have been a speed bump standing in his way of being with Nichol. She wasn’t in the way, and he could have been with her. It would have been severely bumpy and rocky, but he technically had his foot out the door on 8/8. That foot got slammed in the door the second she threatened him with losing the kids. That should lead everyone to think about how he said repeatedly, for weeks, how he didn’t want to lose the girls, fought for them, and loved them. Take into account, that after Shanann threatened him, the next day he changed his entire tune. Why on earth would he kill the children making it so that he would never see them again, permanently? Makes no sense. I bet some will say it’s a coincidence he changed his tune, and all his words were lies about loving them. Well, Shanann didn’t seem to think they were just words or fake. Many texts show she was very upset that his only focus was the kids.

“I think she had given birth.”

—Not enough time had passed for him to have seen if Shanann had given birth. The second confession he said he hadn’t seen that, so why leave that out in that interview? It had only been roughly two hours at this point when he buried Shanann at he site.

Cadle took time to find, and take someone else’s work, but didn’t take mere seconds to see if it’s possible he saw Shanann gave birth. As seen in the above picture, about what transpires after a pregnant woman is deceased.

“She landed face down, I remember being so angry with her that I was not gonna change how she landed.”

—Why was he so angry with Shanann at the site? He killed her, succeeded, was free, and fulfilled his “plan.” Another of his statements that don’t make any sense . The only way it does make sense is if he was mad at what he said she had done in his first confession. Mad she was in the way of him being with Nichol, and being mad she kept him from his parents as he said, it just doesn’t fit. If that’s true he would have felt relieved to be rid of her, and free to do what he desired.

Shanann was attached to her phone, this is a fact. Everyone who knew her said this, even her ex-husband said she was the same way years prior. Chris was also well aware she always answered “her people”. He knew her patterns, and behaviors too. I don’t think there’s any possible way he thought he would get away with it. Someone was gonna notice, and quickly. The oil site points far more to spur of the moment too as discussed in this series.

“I just realized I murdered my daughters twice. I still don’t understand how that happened, because I know they were dead the first time.”

—Chris knows they were dead the first time he claims. Same way he said earlier in the letter, he knew Shanann was dead when she relieved herself. How did he know they were dead the first time? Impossible he killed them successfully the first time for him to know he did.

“My entire life lay there on that oil site.”

—What an understatement! His baby girls, unborn son, and wife laid all over the site. One life for sure ended that morning right at that oil site. His own.

Chris had nine charges stacked against him. In his plea deal he accepted all the charges, because the DA said he wouldn’t take anything less than all. He was sentenced with five life sentences. Ironically, on that oil site laid five lives. Chris may not have physically died, but he may as well have.

(I am fully aware he was not charged for his own life, but pointing out the irony)

Dear readers and listeners,

Stopping there with the analysis of Chris’s letter. I want to discuss another case that caught my attention this week. No other case has really caught my attention since the Watts case. That has changed! Some, if not most of you, may have heard about the Heidi Broussard case out of Austin, Texas that gripped the headlines this week. For those who haven’t here is a link: https://cbsaustin.com/news/local/week-passes-since-south-austin-mother-her-newborns-disappearance

When this story gained traction, groups popped up all over social media. It was the interview of Heidi’s boyfriend on the news that caught everyone’s attention. Sound familiar? Same thing happened in Watts case! So many people were ready for a public hanging of Shane Carey in the town square just by going off his interview. Let’s hope those people never receive a jury summons. As it turns out, Shane was not involved in her disappearance. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/crime-law/2019/12/21/mother-disappeared-with-her-newborn-police-found-her-body-kidnapping-suspect/%3foutputType=amp

I won’t lie my initial reaction to the video left me feeling uneasy. Link to one of the interviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO2MQBIqjYk&feature=youtu.be

These are a few platforms that jumped on the comparison wagon:

That’s in addition to the thousands discussing the missing mother & daughter duo who were screaming Shane’s guilt. I cannot blame them for doing such, although I think it’s a good lesson. This is one of the reasons I plan to do a blog post about the Broussard case.

I know that interviews can bring out nerves in people, which results in odd behaviors. I was not ready to convict Shane, even if his interview left me unsettled. It’s very unique story in its own right like the Watts case. The reason I briefly wanted to discuss it was, because what has happened to “innocent until proven guilty?”

Notice I bolded “PROVEN” guilty it doesn’t say if they confess they are guilty. I understand that statistically speaking a spouse (male/female) is typically involved, but we shouldn’t be going around thinking all are. No two cases are alike, and sometimes not everything is as it may appear.

I’ll be back after the holiday to continue this series, and a bonus blog post about the Broussard case.

See you then…