Vast Reasonable Doubt (Part One)

Welcome to the 4th installment in The Curious Case of Christopher Watts, a speculation & analytical series focused on a heartbreaking tragedy that transpired last year in Frederick, Colorado. 


This installment will be broken into 5 parts & published back to back. Please make sure to go in order! In prior posts, we discussed my journey into attempting to debunk a possible CPS case involving Shanann Watts. After that, I published 2 more writings: 1 post answering comments & emails, and another containing screenshots lending credence to my newfound curiosities. Please reference the site’s main page to access these posts if further information is needed.


Since these posts were published, I have received many more comments & emails. (I am immensely grateful for the ones that have been supportive & encouraging.)


The questions I have received can be summed up into the following five categories:


1) What is your opinion on this case?
2) What is your theory?
3) Why do you think it is possible Chris is innocent of murdering the girls?
4) Why are you doing this?
5) What is your goal?


I have reflected on these questions a great deal; I believe the answers will be apparent as we proceed through this 5 part mini-series:


Though some may believe the content of this blog to be negative or harsh, its main objective is to be a form of advocacy & hopefully provide insight into the multitude of lessons that can be learned from this case.


I was recently speaking with a friend of mine and to my surprise, the topic of our conversation all of a sudden sparked connections as to why I have been so intrigued by this case. I even learned something about myself I didn’t know; how great are those moments?!  


Read on as I share a personal journey & see how it all connects. (Then we can get back to the Watts case.) Please be kind, as we all have a story. The intent behind sharing this with you is to better clarify this blog’s objective; that said, specifics will be concise & vague. When my eldest child was born, I thought I was doing everything that was expected of me as a new mother: I had faith & confidence in my son’s physicians, I trusted the advice of experienced parents in our lives, I “went with the flow.” I never questioned, researched, or educated myself. A major event took place early in our son’s life, which brought unalterable repercussions that he lives with today. Sometimes the amount of guilt I feel for what transpired to my son is immense. This event shaped not only his life, but also the lives of my entire family. Because of this, I personally dove head first into extensive advocacy work. On this particular journey, I have encouraged, supported, implored, & educated numerous parents who feel lost, have questions, & and are looking for guidance. 


Over the years, I’ve received emails similar to ones I receive now:


1) Why do this if it does nothing for you?
2) Why do you care about others’ children?
3) What does this do for you?
4) What is your goal or motive?


The answers are simple:


1.) Why NOT?
2.) Why would I not care about others’ children? 
3.) My work does nothing for my family, but it helps others. I only gain personal growth which I strive for daily.
4.) My goal is to educate, encourage, support, & implore other families to learn, not only from my own experience, but to procure knowledge that will save them from the same guilt & heartache I had to endure. 


One might ask, “So how does this relate to your involvement with the Watts case?” The objective remains the same: to point out, encourage, educate, implore, support, & I hope that everyone learns at least 1 lesson from all of this. Most of us strive to be better than we were the day before; improving oneself involves education, awareness, support, & encouragement. Not only can we learn from our own mistakes, but we can also learn from the decisions & choices of others. What’s the point in living, if not?


No one is perfect, even in death. Shanann Watts was a fallible human; those who have left this earth prior to her were fallible humans, and those who will leave this earth after her are as well. Our time on earth should be used for good, for the rest of humanity. Shanann’s death was tragic & her life ended abruptly. It’s beyond sad, as both families have had to endure their grief in the public eye. However, being in the public eye has also provided them the the ideal platform for advocacy work: after all the public eye is the largest stage we have in life, & should be used for the greater good.


I do not expect either family to publicly acknowledge the shortcomings of either party involved – especially so soon after this tragedy. There are stages to grief, & I understand that entirely. Even without grief, we tend to not see the flaws of the ones we love. Love is blind, right? 


If Shanann were able to see what her tragic death has caused, I am almost certain she would want the reality of her life to be discussed. I know I would. I give full permission to anyone who has ever had access to my life, in the event of my death, to speak the truth. I hope they do not give the impression I was perfect, because I am not. I want my life, whether it ends tomorrow or 50 years from now, to be a life that helps others – even if it’s just one person.

Using this case, & those involved, as a way to help others during their time on earth is a good thing, as helping others creates a domino effect: help one, who then helps another, & another, & another. Before we know it, we are helping someone halfway across the world. Despite the decisions I made that stemmed from ignorance, I have learned & decided to take a different path. Guess what happened next time? I had different outcomes! Growth! Now I can take that experience & use it as an example.


For one to fully understand my perceptions & opinions of the Watts case, 10 months’ worth of information must be scrutinized in a thorough manner. Since that’s a tremendous amount of data to break down, I wondered if certain aspects of this case could help others learn from this horrific tragedy. As such, I decided that a heavy focus on Shanann Watts’ text messages presents the story best as it leads to plenty of lessons, red flags, signs, symptoms, and best of all knowledge!


I will link the 2nd blog post at the bottom of this page. In the 2nd blog I will break down Shanann’s text messages in those final weeks. The text messages are one area out of many that leads me to the conclusion, that I have maintained for many months. If it helps or guides 1 person, then it was worth taking the time to write all of this.


At the bottom of the 2nd post, there will be a link to the 3rd part and so on. This will be handy to reference, & read for yourself. Some have read them, some only once, others out of order. To read them entirely, in order, after reading my analysis, may aid in spotting what I have seen.

Click here for Part 2 :